Please note: the new Mobiliar Lab for Analytics website is coming soon!

About the Lab

The Mobiliar Lab for Analytics is focused on exploring the potential of advanced analytics over large volumes of data in the domain of insurance industry.

It is funded by the oldest private insurance company in Switzerland – Die Mobiliar – which is positioned as a cooperative and is therefore completely committed to its customers who participate in the company’s success. The lab has been formally opened in October 2013 as a part of the overall concept of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Mobiliar.

The main topic addressed by the lab is the concept of Living Together. The goal is to exploit the information contained in the Mobiliar’s internal data (e.g. claims) and to combine this information with external data sources in order to derive insights which would further be used as a basis for creating value-added services for the Swiss society. These projects should position Mobiliar as a company which supports establishing of a Peace-of-Mind.